Sample of L'Inked (warning: explicit sexual scene)

Chapter Five

   Marc did not realize that their time was drawing to an end until their last night together.  He knew that if he let Cassie go home without showing her just how much that he had grown to love her in the few days that they had shared, he would regret it for the rest of his life.
He took her to a four-star restaurant for dinner that evening, having persuaded her not to go with Jenna and Connor on their quest to procure the most beaded trinkets ever.  He wanted Cassie all to himself.  He wanted to romance her, to remind her that she would miss him when she went home to her lonely apartment.  But most of all, he wanted her to know that he would miss her, that his life would be placed on hold until he could find a way to spend the rest of his existence with her.

   He met her in the lobby of her hotel.  His heart skipped a beat when he saw her standing before him wearing a low-cut cocktail dress that flattered her figure in mouthwatering fashion.  Her blond hair was pulled up into a face-flattering bun with long wisps that framed her delicate cheekbones.  Her eyes were dusted with smoky shadow that made her blue irises gleam with a sultry violet hue.  Her full lips smiled at him, captivated him without the benefit of manufactured pigment.  And her alluring voice touched his already enthralled heart when she whispered, “You’re so freakin’ gorgeous in that suit!”

   “And you are breathtaking in that dress,” he breathed while he pressed his lips to her cheek.  “Come, my goddess.  Your chariot awaits.”

   Almost true to his words, there was a horse-drawn carriage waiting by the curb.  Cassie’s heart quivered when Marc took her hand and helped her step into the buggy.  She was so completely enchanted by the fairy-tale encounter that Marc had planned for their last evening together that she hugged him while the carriage moved forward.

   Not wanting to break the embrace, yet yearning to feel her lips upon his, Marc pulled far enough away from Cassie to stare into her eyes while the street lights illuminated them with sparks of visible bliss.  He memorized her face, a face bathed in pure splendor while she stared back at him, clearly filled with adoring emotion.  He moved his head closer to her until his breath was upon her upturned lips as he whispered, “I want this night to last forever!”

   Against her will, a tear slipped from Cassie’s lashes and melted into the heat of the skin on her breast that the fabric failed to cover.  She dared not move in order to wipe away the evidence of her passionate response to Marc’s romantic gesture.  Instead, she concentrated on his lips that moved as if in slow motion toward hers.  Her heart pounded erratically while her mind reeled with ecstatic anticipation until the warmth of his kiss sent her into a whirlwind of elation, and electrifying sensation of pure, dizzying desire.

   Her arms encircled his neck, pulling him closer so that she could merge her body to his as if they were one entity, as she was certain they were meant to be.  With her breasts pressed against his muscular chest, Cassie clung to Marc while wrapped in his powerful yet tender arms.  Entranced by the way his lips gently caressed hers, undulating against the sensitive skin of her hungry lips, she increased the intensity of their kiss. 

   As if he’d been waiting for that very moment, that not-so-subtle invitation to take the encounter one step further, Marc groaned with yearning as he moved a heated hand toward her breast.  Pausing while covering that perfect mound with his palm, he allowed her ample time to protest.  When she responded with roving fingers that ascended, urgently searching for the ripples of muscles on his shoulders, he parted her lips with his tongue.  Passing her teeth, seeking its mate within her mouth and upon finding its partner, his tongue frolicked with hers while simulating the very intimate dance that their bodies longed to enjoy. 

   Just when they thought their kiss would last until their lives ceased, the driver announced, “Brennan’s Restaurant!”

   Growling outwardly, Marc reluctantly left Cassie’s embrace.  He studied her face for an instant, wondering if she felt the same urgency that seemed to take hold of his body.  With a wink, he asked, “Are you hungry?”

   “Yes!” she exclaimed.  When his expectant expression transformed into one of disappointment, she added, “But not for food!”

   With a triumphant smile, he took her into his arms and covered her lips with his.  They continued entwining themselves until the driver cleared his throat, at which time, Marc ordered, “Take us back to the hotel.”

   They hurried into the lobby of the hotel where Cassie and Jenna had been staying.  Marc punched the ‘up’ button on the panel near the elevator and then curled his arm around Cassie’s tiny waist.  While they waited for the dinging signal to step inside, Cassie entwined her leg with his, pulling him into her arms and kissing him in front of God and everybody.  

   When the twin doors opened, the elevator was empty, which offered them a refuge against the prying eyes of hotel guests, desk clerks and bell hops.

   Marc pressed Cassie’s back against the wall of the elevator while he took her face into his hands, kissing her soundly, delving into her mouth and fighting the urge to hit the ‘stop’ button on the panel and to ease her down onto the floor. 

   But he wanted to wait.  He wanted to take his time with her, to make love to her.  He did not want their first time to be a fleeting one, a fast-paced, hot and mindless session of intercourse that would just leave him wanting more of the same.  No, he wanted this to last as if he would never have the opportunity to experience it again.  Who knows, he told himself as he pulled away from her and put distance between them, this may be his only chance to make love to the most beautiful goddess that he had ever seen.  And, he promised himself as he stared into her alluring eyes and saw the disappointment that lingered there; he was damn well going to make the most of it. 

   When the double doors opened, Marc took Cassie’s hand.  He allowed her to lead him toward the door of her room.  He waited for her to find the plastic key card in her purse and then he took it from her when she fumbled with it while trying to release the electronic lock.

   It was as if the green light that glowed on the silver-plated doorknob had given Cassie the signal to take control of the situation.  She pressed her body into Marc’s, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him insistently while the door swung open behind them.  They fell into the room, still entangled, and recovered their footing without ever allowing their lips to separate.  Cassie pushed Marc against the inner wall of the hotel room, groping, kissing, moaning and tugging at his belt buckle.

   Marc’s body responded with urgency.  He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and wriggled out of it, letting it drop at his feet before he encased her in his bare arms, sending heat waves against her skin.  He pulled her closer to him, grabbing her rear and thrusting her into his lower body so that she could feel his growing desire.  This, to his gratification, caused Cassie to increase her insistence upon consummating their unspoken promise to take their relationship to new heights.

   Then, suddenly, he stopped, pulling away from her and raising his hands into the air as if touching her would keep him from resisting her charm, “Wait, wait, wait!”

   Cassie pouted, pulling on his belt loop while forcing him to move back into her arms squealing, “No!”

   She threw her body into his arms, groaning in a voice that sounded more desperate than disappointed, “I need you to make love to me!”

   “And I want to,” Marc revealed, holding her at arm’s length.  “But I want to take my time.  I want this to be special.”

   “Aw-w, it is special, Babe,” Cassie promised with a sultry smile.

   “But I want it to be memorable,” Marc articulated as he stepped toward her and reached for the comb that held her French knot in place.  While her blond hair cascaded down her shoulders, he added, “Slow and unforgettable.”

   As if enchanted by his words, Cassie stared at him, stunned by his insistence that they savor each moment that they had left with each other.  It was then that it hit her.   This was their last night together. 

   Wordlessly, she nodded and slowly raised her hand to his bare, hairless chest.  The bulging muscles beneath her hand flexed and then relaxed as if her touch had sent a spark of passion throughout his body.  But he quickly controlled it with a willpower that Cassie had never encountered in a man who clearly wanted to throw her down right then and there.  It amazed her that he had such domination over his body.  It awed her so much that she felt compelled to test his strength to resist her.  But she waited for him to make the first move.

   Slowly, Marc eased toward her, ever-so-slightly pressing his lips to hers while his hands found the zipper to her dress at the nape of her neck.  Cassie removed her hand from the warmth of his muscular chest.  Lifting it, along with its mirror image, to pile her long hair onto her head, she stared into his gleaming golden eyes as he pulled far enough away in order to slowly coax the zipper downward.  His warm breath seared the skin of her neck while he whispered, “You are a goddess!”  He drew the end of the word out while his fingers blazed a scorching trail down her back to her derriere.     

   His hot hands cupped her buttocks, sending shock waves of passion through the silk fabric and into her very core.  It was all Cassie could do to keep from repeating her assault upon him, to beg him to relieve the aching need that rose inside her like a wildfire of fervor.  With dwindling patience and rising desire, she groaned, “Love me, Marcus!”

   He smiled endearingly, staring into her deep blue eyes, eyes that morphed to violet while she licked her thick, luscious lips in anticipation.  “Soon,” he promised on her upturned lips when his were but a breath away from hers.     

   Almost whimpering with yearning, she let her hair fall around her while Marc moved his hands up her bare back and toward the straps that held her dress onto her shoulders.  To her delight, he had unclasped her bra without her ever becoming aware of it.  The delicately laced garment fell to her feet along with her dress.  Cassie stepped over the layered heap and into Marc’s awaiting arms. “Now?” she begged through a wavering moan of electrifying excitement.

   A low chuckle rose in his throat as Marc clutched her into his body; warming her skin with his while he took her face into his hands.  His eyes met hers, simmering with a promise of ecstasy beyond her expectations while his head moved slowly from side to side, denying her request. 

   Then his fiery lips touched hers.  It was a long and lingering joining of lips.  Hot, searching lips yearned to taste the sweet elation of ecstasy inside the moist grottoes of the other.  The couple only parted either to delve with penetrating tongues or to reposition their heads in order to research another approach toward euphoria.

   Finally, Marc paused.  With her face in his hands, he stared into her passion-filled violet eyes.  Gently, he lowered his head toward her and caressed her lips with his while he lifted her legs from beneath her.  Never removing his lips from hers, he carried her to the bed to which she pointed without ceasing to press her mouth to his.

   Stepping between the twin double beds, he eased her down onto the one in which she dreamed sweet fantasies of satiated bliss while he silently vowed to make her dreams come true.  Leaning into her, he guided her to lie back on the bed.  She moaned in disappointment when he left her.  Then an alluring smile crossed her face when he quickly stripped his jeans and boxers from his buff body.

   Marc stood before Cassie in all his muscular glory allowing her to admire the countless hours of sculpting that rock-hard frame into the honed Adonis that it was.  She drew in a breath of appreciation, rising up to reach for him, her fingers splayed toward him, yearning to touch the magnificent ripples that covered his taut abdomen.  She bit her lip when he shook his head and took a step backward.

   “Tease,” she groaned, staring at his stunning physique.

   Leaning on her elbows, she took in every inch of his beautiful body beginning at the calves that bulged beneath his knees.  Her gaze moved upward to linger upon his muscular thighs, which cradled his prominent masculine package between them.  She sucked in a breath of exhilarating surprise at the evidence of his desire for her.  Her eyes widened while she reached for his hand and he linked his fingers with hers.  When he allowed her to pull him down to lay upon her, she sighed with utter relief.  Her body silently begged him to give her release from the agony of hunger for that consuming sensation of ecstasy.

   She moved her face toward his, parting her lips in readiness for a heart-pounding kiss.  When it came, her breath caught in her throat.  Never before had she felt the thrill of desire that coursed throughout her body, searing her, branding the memory into her heart for eternity.  But that was just a tiny indication of the intense, tear-inducing encounter that was yet to come.

   Marc covered Cassie’s body with his, yet he hovered above her, never touching her.  He studied every nuance of her beautiful, blissful face as if the temptation to relieve the aching need that boiled inside him was too much to endure.  In a voice hoarse with desire, he breathed, “Now…”     

   He poised his body barely a hair’s breadth from hers, allowing her a taste, just a taste of the smooth tip of his manhood before he slipped inside her, slow and easy.  His lips found hers, melting into her while her hands found his rear, pulling him deeper into her as if the hunger for him was overwhelming to the point of utter distress.  His body responded with urgent intensity until he regained control, slowing the motion, precisely penetrating and skillfully retreating until she cried out with orgasmic elation.

   Finally giving in to his body’s aching need for release, he rocked his lower torso while Cassie’s hands grasped his butt cheeks and pulled him deeper each time he entered, released him as he withdrew and then wrenched him down forcefully again with mounting fervor until they cried out in unison, their breath puffing in absolute rapture.   

   Cassie clung to him, her arms firmly gripping his shoulders and her fingers digging into the flesh of his back while she sobbed tears of pure euphoria.  She could not stop her body from trembling, from quaking with waves of aftershocks while she sniffled into Marc’s sandy brown hair.

   Marc moved away just far enough to study her face while he whispered, “You’re crying!  Did I hurt your hand?”

   Cassie shook her head in the negative while she wiped the tears from both temples before she smiled and muttered, “That was so beautiful!”

   Marc kissed her before agreeing, “Yes it was.”

   Trying hard to stifle the sobs, Cassie ordered with a tiny bit of joviality in her voice, “Don’t ever make me wait like that again!”

   Marc chuckled heartily, dipping his head to kiss the valley between her breasts as he asked, “So this means that you’ll let me see you again?  I mean, after we both go home tomorrow.”
  Cassie drew in a long breath before she nodded joyfully, the tears rewetting her hair that spread out in a tangled mass below her head while she cried, “Oh. My. God. Yes!”

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  1. Your writing is real. I felt as if I was there. Congratulations on your ability to take the reader where you want them to go. Whew!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate feedback from my readers. You certainly made my day!

  2. That was hot! Is it wrong that I pictured Hugh Jackman for Marc? I love your writing style! As for Cassie being teased by Marc, Brianna is teasing us readers!

    I love how you instantly drew us in. However, without knowing the details of the character; I can't give an honest review. But this was worth the read!

    I do read books and write reviews:

    I plan to add this book to my list :) However, there are other books people requested that I am still working on. So it might be a while! But I do plan to read this!

  3. Thanks for your awesome comment! I do love me some Hugh but when I wrote L'Inked, I pictured Chris Pine as Marc and Margot Robbie as Cassie. When I adapted the book to a screenplay, I also pictured Jamie Foxx as Dodger, whom you will meet when you read the book. He and several other characters lead Marc and Cassie on a dizzying, heart-pounding race to remove the voodoo curse that Madame Cloutier (Crystal R. Fox) placed on them. But the beautiful Mariah (Lupita Nyong'o), the proprietress of the clandestine Voodoo supply shop, is the only person willing to help them, despite her obvious fear of the powerful Voodoo Queen.

    I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I had writing it, living and breathing it, making it a part of my life and breathing life into it.