Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I’m not 50 Shades of Green (with envy)

I keep hearing the buzz about the E.L. James trilogy.  The e-books are flying off the virtual shelves and into digital devices everywhere.  Instead of seeing faces, I see the paperback version with that grey tie or the mask or better still, the handcuffs staring at me.  Or there are 50 types of tablets that display the spicy scenes that are rocking the readers’ worlds.
My friends ask me, “Did you read 50 Shades yet?”
I answer, “No.”
“Are you going to?” they ask.
Again, I reply, “No.”
“Why not?” they ask.
“I don’t need to.”
This answer is given because I don’t need to be seduced by words on a page or a screen.  And I have two very good reasons why the Fifty Shades Trilogy is not on my reading list.
  1. I have written a sensual thriller that could rival the threesome.  You can buy it HERE if you are in the U.S. or HERE if you are in the U.K.
  2. I have a very attentive husband who could write his own version of the secret seductive pleasures that no woman can resist (which is why I tell people that he is the model for my male characters)
Although I probably will not read her books, I applaud Ms. James in her success and wish her all the best.  I don’t discourage anyone from reading the trilogy.  In fact, I hope that you enjoy every luscious syllable.  I just hope that after you have read it and you are looking for something else to read, you will find my books interesting.   
So, go ahead, finish reading that trilogy and come on back to the worlds that I have created.  The scenes are a “shade” lighter on the spice but they are still full of adventure.  I look forward to (gently) rocking your world!      
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