Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!


It is almost Valentine’s Day.  I hope that you have a sweetheart to share the love with.  If not, curl up with a romantic book and find love in the words of a Romance Novel.  There is nothing as heartwarming as a book filled with the romantic gestures of a strong yet sensitive male character.  Might I suggest Enchanted Heart or Catch a Shooting Star?  Both are Historical Romance novels with a western flair.  If you are in to Contemporary Romance and action/adventure, you might like Ripple Effect or L'Inked.  And of course, Golden Dreams will light your Kindle on fire! All of my books are filled with romance in every sense of the word. (links on this page!)

I love to get into the mind of each male character and explore the different expectations, reactions and ultimately, their romantic gestures that turn the scene around.  When you think there can be no good outcome from an argument, somehow, he wins her heart.  And with the female characters, I love to give them the strength that no one expects, a tenacity that is astonishing to the male characters. Sometimes, it is respected by them and sometimes displeasing to them, which makes the story more delectable.

Romance is not as easy to write as one might think.  You have to know the character that you are developing, both male and female.  In your mind, you have to live their emotions, their trials and tribulations, and their joyous interaction when they finally realize that love conquers every adversity.

All the while, there must be supporting characters and situations that either help or hinder the love that is truly meant to be.  It is an ongoing adventure just to find out whether or not they will end up together.  With twists and turns and seemingly unresolvable circumstances, Romance Novels keep the pages turning, while filling the heart with the hope that every love story will have a happy ending.

This is why I love to write about Romance.  I love to create situations where the characters must realize that they were meant to be together, but only after they struggle with many reasons why they were not. 

Give love a try.  Find it in the heart of your significant other or find it in a book where romance is the catalyst of true bliss.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Aw, a great read! Appreciate the tips on developing lead characters the reader ends up cheering for.

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