Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A musical and visual link to "L'Inked"

Recently, I published "L'Inked" on Amazon.  I had an online book release party on Facebook where I posted pictures of the characters of the book and suggested music for you to enjoy while reading it.  I'll re-post it all here so that you can not only visualize the faces of the story but you can listen to the tunes that will take you into the scenes as well.

I will start off by showing you the characters of the story and telling you a little about them...

Marc and Cassie Matthews met in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  They went back two years later for their honeymoon. It was a honeymoon that they would never forget...

They spent their days together, a blissful beginning to a happy marriage.

They spent their nights celebrating Mardi Gras among the other revelers.

Every day, they fell more and more in love.  They were oblivious to the fact that their lives will soon be turned upside down.

They found a quaint little tattoo shop.

They decided to get matching tattoo wedding rings.

Voodoo Queen Madame Cloutier cursed their tattoos, binding Marc and Cassie together forever.  Literally.  With the 'Unity Bond', the couple must be faithful and trusting or they would suffer great agony and then certain death.

A voodoo zombie seduced Marc and broke the bond between husband and wife.  Pain would be their constant companion in this life and the next unless they found a way to reverse the hex.

The first person to offer them assistance was Dodger LaRue, a jazz musician who had also been cursed by the powerful Voodoo Queen.

Then, they sought help from the Voodoo Museum, where Dominique Delacroix was very firm in her belief that the couple's lives would never be the same unless they perform an Uncrossing.

They met Mariah, the proprietress of a voodoo gris-gris shop where they obtained the necessary items for the Uncrossing.

They performed the Uncrossing Spell but they soon learned that a curse still lingered, one that kept them bound to the city of New Orleans forever.  They realized that the only way that they could leave was to enlist the help of another couple.

Greg Walsh

Gwen Walsh

But the curse still lingered...

Cassie was seduced by a voodoo zombie.

Would they finally be released from the curse or would their Mardi Gras honeymoon become a Voodoo nightmare?

Buy the book in the U.S. HERE or in the U.K. HERE

An excerpt from the book:

“Come, my goddess.  Your chariot awaits.”
Almost true to his words, there was a horse-drawn carriage waiting by the curb.  Cassie’s heart quivered when Marc took her hand and helped her step into the buggy.  She was so completely enchanted by the fairy-tale encounter that Marc had planned for their last evening together that she hugged him while the carriage moved forward.
Not wanting to break the embrace, yet yearning to feel her lips upon his, Marc pulled far enough away from Cassie to stare into her eyes while the street lights illuminated them with sparks of visible bliss.  He memorized her face, a face bathed in pure splendor while she stared back at him, clearly filled with adoring emotion.  He moved his head closer to her until his breath was upon her upturned lips as he whispered, “I want this night to last forever!”
Against her will, a tear slipped from Cassie’s lashes and melted into the heat of the skin on her breast that the fabric failed to cover.  She dared not move in order to wipe away the evidence of her passionate response to Marc’s romantic gesture.  Instead, she concentrated on his lips that moved as if in slow motion toward hers.  Her heart pounded erratically while her mind reeled with ecstatic anticipation until the warmth of his kiss sent her into a whirlwind of elation, and electrifying sensation of pure, dizzying desire.
Her arms encircled his neck, pulling him closer so that she could merge her body to his as if they were one entity, as she was certain they were meant to be.  With her breasts pressed against his muscular chest, Cassie clung to Marc while wrapped in his powerful yet tender arms.  Entranced by the way his lips gently caressed hers, undulating against the sensitive skin of her hungry lips until she increased the intensity of their kiss. 
As if he’d been waiting for that very moment, that not-so-subtle invitation to take the encounter one step further, Marc groaned with yearning as he moved a heated hand toward her breast.  Pausing while covering that perfect mound with his palm, he allowed her ample time to protest.  When she responded with roving fingers that ascended, urgently searching for the ripples of muscles on his shoulders, he parted her lips with his tongue.  Passing her teeth, seeking its mate within her mouth and upon finding its partner, his tongue frolicked with hers while simulating the very intimate dance that their bodies longed to enjoy. 
Just when they thought their kiss would last until their lives ceased, the driver announced, “Brennan’s Restaurant!”

A collection of songs that will take you to New Orleans...

Marc and Cassie danced to this song in their hotel room

This song describes Cassie's struggle with accepting love

One of Marc's favorite songs

One of Cassie's favorite songs

A little bit of zydeco, straight from Louisiana

I call this the tattoo girl song

Here are a few videos about New Orleans, voodoo, and Mardi Gras...

Sadly, Six Flags New Orleans, which I mentioned in the book, was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina swept through the city

Just for grins...

I hope that you enjoyed this video and musical tour through New Orleans.  Now, all you have to do is buy the book and then come back here to fully experience the sensual thriller that is "L'Inked".

For U.S. purchase, click HERE or for U.K., click HERE


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