Monday, March 11, 2013

Write Me a Miracle

 I’ve written a short story about miracles and things that only God has the power over. And yet, as an author, I have a power that few mortals possess. In my imaginary world, I can create characters, make them fall in love, fall out of love, come to some disastrous end or I can bless them with a miracle that will change their fictional lives.
 In my latest short story, I have created a child that possesses the power to perform miracles. It is a controversial concept, I know, but it is one that, in my humble opinion, needs to be written, to be read and to be believed.
 Why can’t mortals make miracles happen, I ask myself? And then, I look at my children and I realize that I was a part of their creation, the miracle of their births, the miracle of their lives and the miracle of their legacies. I am Mother, Healer of booboos and broken hearts, Mind reader and Finder of all things lost. I, a lesser being, a mere mortal, am a miracle worker. I had the power to mold my children into decent adults, a feat that most parents endeavor to accomplish.
 So, why can’t a child, one of God’s blessed babies, be a conduit to His great works? This is the theme to my short story, which I have named “Grace of God”. Why can’t Grace be a miracle worker at the tender age of five? She won’t understand her power and yet, deep in her tiny heart, she knows that she is connected with a higher being, an entity that controls her life and those around her. How will Grace confront, or accept, her newly found ability? How will she, at that young age, realize that she has the power to heal, to change lives, to transform the world? These are questions that I had to ask myself and then answer with a riveting, heart-warming story that will transform my readers’ lives. I have the power to create a world that not only affects my fictional characters, but one that will essentially affect those who step into the realm of my creation. I invite you to enter into a world that I have manifested, the world of my progeny, “Grace of God”. Her world will be transformed…and, I promise you, so will yours. Read the short story HERE for US or Here for UK

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